Builder/Repair Services


Please Note: I have a  substantial backlog of repairs to tackle- some of these date back up to a year! This is not an acceptable way to do business, and I apologize to those whose units have been here for so long. Thanks for your patience!


I don’t offer pre-assembled kits- there just aren’t enough hours in the day!  However, there are several folks who do offer builder services:


Mike Huffstetler, WA6OUW.

Mike is a fixture in the QRP kit community and has done a lot of assembly, including SMT work, for QRPers and QRP club projects. Mike does not offer troubleshooting services.

Alan Wilcox P.E.

Alan is able to provide both assembly and alignment/ troubleshooting/ repair services.  He is also an approved repair facility for Elecraft ‘s products.

­­­­­­­­Do you hate winding toroids? Contact Mychael, for further information.   He can do the job for you!


Please feel free to contact these gentlemen for further information.  If you’re ordering a kit from Small Wonder Labs, you may specify ‘drop-shipment’ directly to the builders and I’ll go from there.

Dave Benson. K1SWL

January 18, 2011