Effective 26 March 2012: I no longer accept orders from the following countries:

The former USSR Republics

Why?  I have no control over the postal systems and customs officials in foreign countries. With these countries in particular, customers too often assume I am dishonest when a shipment vanishes. No more!  

Foreign orders: Please do not ask me to declare shipment values falsely. Avoiding taxes may be your national sport, but it’s a crime here.

I cannot track shipments once they leave the U.S. 

Technical support:

Each manual contains e-mail address information. All requests for assistance are answered, and I'll try to be as prompt as possible.  If we can't coax your Small Wonder Labs product to life through our correspondence, troubleshoot/repair and alignment service is available. Repairs/ troubleshoot units do not ship to me, though-  please see the ‘Builder/Repair Services’ page.

I am a one-man company. I do not publish our phone number, because frankly, my wife doesn’t enjoy explaining (sometimes repeatedly) that she doesn’t have the answers to technical questions.   I answer e-mail requests for replacement parts immediately. Troubleshooting support takes longer, depending on complexity. 

I get any number of inquiries like “how do I modify my kit for another band?” or “can my kit do SSB instead of CW?”. I’ll describe what needs to happen functionally, but I assume you’re a ‘big boy’ and can figure out the details. I’m a finite resource, and contrary to popular opinion, there’s life after e-mail.

Note: My repair person is paid only for performing repair work. Any requests he receives for troubleshooting advice just get forwarded to me.



If you’ve arranged with one of my builders services for assembly services, I can ship directly to them- simply let me know.


Replacement parts:


Contact me before returning kits. I will accept kits back for full credit/refund if the parts kit itself is intact and construction has not been started. The instructions are yours to keep- we do not re-issue those.

Order Cancellations:

Let's face it- sometimes you change your mind or your financial situation has changed, contact me for a prompt refund- I understand perfectly.

Note: Foreign returns/refunds are subject to a time limit of 60 days after you place an order- at my discretion. This has to do with whether or not I can return your funds to you.


Overseas customers- Payment options:

  • 'PayPal' transfer
  • International money or postal order
  • US currency/ concealed/ via registered letter
  • Western Union transfer- contact me for details

Dave Benson, K1SWL