The ‘Freq-Mite’


The 'Freq-Mite' is a PIC-based Morse frequency counter measuring only 1.25" x 1.75" x 0.45" (H) and is capable of operation to more than 30 Mhz. To get this compact size, frequency readout is in audio (Morse code) form .

When used in 'transceiver' mode, it outputs three Morse digits corresponding to frequency (hundreds/ tens/ units Khz). The FREQ-Mite is shorting-jumper programmable to any offset (0-999) and may be run in either normal or inverted (high IF) readout. It can also be configured as a general-purpose counter, and in this mode outputs 4 or 5 digits up to a maximum of 32.767 Mhz. The RF input is high-impedance and requires a minimum of less than 200 mV p-p up to 10 Mhz and under 600 mV p-p at 30+ Mhz. Accuracy is +/- 1.5 Khz to 25 Mhz and +/- 2 Khz at the high end. It's activated by pressing a pushbutton switch, and enters 'SLEEP' mode when not in use to preclude receiver interference.

The default speed readout on the FREQ-Mite is 13 WPM, but a fast (26 WPM) readout may be selected upon power-up. The output is an 800 Hz tone; this signal is tri-stated off when not in use to minimize 'thump'. The output is capable of driving an "external-drive" type Piezo annunciator or speaker/headphones directly at modest audio levels. It really shines, though,when installed into a QRP transceiver to augment whatever dial-marking scheme you've been living with until now.

The FREQ-Mite uses a high-quality double-sided PC board, which is solder-masked on both sides and silkscreened. The kit provides all on-board parts, interconnect wire, mounting hardware and a set of assembly/operating instructions.

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